Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Journey to Nauvoo: Day 1 Photos

With the execption of a stop somewhere around 2 am to switch drivers, the busses were on the road all night long. We tried to sleep - some of us even had success. Our first stop of the day was in at the rest area in Lincoln, NE at 7 am for breakfast and bathroom breaks. (Why is the line to the women's room so much longer than the men's?) A question we may never know the answer to. 
From sun up to sundown we enjoyed some beautiful scenery. The biggest difference being the lack of mountains. 

Sunrise on the prairie

The monument to Abraham Lincoln

The sun brightening my view and the words below enlightening my understanding as I learn something new.

Beauty of the morning sun

Abe up close

Next stop: Big Springs, to stretch our legs, obtain liquid refreshment and snacks for the long road ahead and for more bathroom breaks

Rolls and rolls of hay

Fields and fields of corn. Everything's so green!

Wide open spaces dotted with barns and homesteads

The weather is sunny one minute and the next, clouds are rolling in and rain threatens

Beautiful architecture

and then it begins to rain 

Water towers everywhere

Sunset in Missouri

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