Thursday, October 18, 2012


      Children are the most amazing creations. I do have one complaint, however...they grow up way too fast and then before you know it they are out in the world starting their own adventure. And the only thing that you can do is hope that you have taught them enough and given them enough of the character building experiences that they will need to be strong and successful in all that they do. Just the other day, Nate and I were the only ones home and while we were in the kitchen he said, "It sure would suck if it was just us two in the family!" That's for sure! I love the busy, noisy life we have with all of us in the house.   


By Sharee Wanner
In the crispness of the air I feel
A newness and a rebirth of my soul.
With each sunrise I am warmed with
Energy and light.

I am renewed with every cool breath
That I take. I feel invigorated with
The kiss of the wind on my face.

All does not die in Autumn. It is
Preparing for the frigid, yet soft,
Winter layer it must wear until the
Unclothing in the Spring.

Paige - the Newport Ladies Book Club Series by Annette Lyon

When change is needed in her life, Paige and her two little boys move to California to start their life without her unfaithful ex-husband. She needs to know who she is as a woman and if she can give her boys what they need on her own? She decides to join a book club in hopes of making new friends—ones who wouldn’t judge her. The ladies in the book club become a much needed support as she tries to do so. She meets a wonderful man who treats her like a queen and helps her realize how amazing she is. Through the books they read as a group, she finds the answers that will help her stay true to her beliefs. Her new friends are there to give support and help increase her confidence as she moves forward. I love the way she describes what she thinks of her new friends…”we were definitely an interesting tapestry of personalities, one I’d come to treasure.” Paige is a wonderful read! I thoroughly enjoyed every word!

Miss Wilton's Waltz By Josi S. Kilpack ~ Book Review

Miss Wilton's Waltz by Josi S. Kilpack Josi's ability to bring stories to life is magic! I was drawn into Miss Wilton...